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Shatter (Seven Star)


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Seven Star Shatter
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Seven Star Shatter

Seven Star high quality extracts are Kootenay made in beautiful British Columbia. Each batch is produced with passion and care.

Shatter is a solvent-based cannabis extract. It is named for its breakability, like broken glass, and is favored for its ease in handling while dabbing. Seven Star uses trichome heavy strains for all of their extractions.

3 reviews for Shatter (Seven Star)

  1. outlawshaman (verified owner)

    I decided to try out Seven Star Shatter, again, with Green Crack, and I wasn’t disappointed. It’s a good 65% sativa and 35% Indica strain, that gave me a good head-high with some calming-body undertones. I put it through my Puffco Peak, which, at one point, gave me the sensation of sinking into my psyche. Trippy stuff. It did not have shatter-like consistency, and it was more sugary, but it was easy to handle and the high was worth the price. I’d gladly purchase Green Crack, again.

  2. Trapstarr7o5 (verified owner)

    Great product, quality over quantity is what i like to see, although yes it was on point however thats not entirely what I mean i would rather have this single gram of fire SS Shatter than get overcount on some nasty BHO style shatter from the neigborhood dispensary here.

  3. outlawshaman (verified owner)

    Seven Star shatter is a great product to see on Budmail’s menu, because I’ve tried their budder and it was amazing, so when I saw their shatter, I dropped four into my shopping cart. I tried out Grease Monkey, Mimosa, Lemon Haze and Skittles. I have to say, I liked them all, but choosing favourites, I’d have to go with Skittles and Lemon Haze. All the shatters are very sticky, some becoming malleable enough to coil around the tip of your dab tool before breaking off from the rest of the shatter. I found Grease Monkey was the most one like this, but that’s not to say its a bad thing. If the shatter does this, it’s better to use in a glass rig as opposed to the Puffco Peak that I’ve been using lately. All in all, I recommend Seven Star shatter, because they’re highly potent and very flavourful. Now, can we get some Seven Star budder on the menu, too?

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