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Golden Honey Oil (Oro)


1 Gram Syringe | $40

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Product Description

Honey Oil (Oro)

Each syringe contains max 84.0% THC and 1.8% CBD

Honey Oil is filtered and winterized to remove both chlorophyll and waxes in addition to other plant materials. It is a concentrated liquid form of marijuana made by stripping THC from quality bud. Think of it as “weed honey”. It’s not always yellow and it tastes nothing like sugar, but it’s as sticky as honey and just as fun to use. Smoking oils are most effective where immediate absorption is needed.

Note: There may be air bubbles in the syringe, which is normal. Each syringe is based on weight (approximately 1.0 grams) rather then volume (ml) of Honey Oil.

Strain: Main Derivative is Texada Timewarp. This blend is a hybrid with a very balanced indica/sativa profile. General effects are happy, calming and increased energy.

Smells: Pepper, floral, citrus

How to use:

This clean activated honey oil is suitable for all smoking, vaporizing, oral and transdermal applications and edibles. Oro’s proprietary system leaves the unique terpene profile intact with no need for added terpenes yet eliminates residual solvent levels to zero.

Smoke/Vapour: This product is great for dabbing, vapourizing, rolled in a joint, pipes and bongs.

Oral: Start by applying an amount the size of a grain of rice (10mg) under the tongue with a meal. Use caution when re-dosing: This can take between 15 and 90 minutes to fully take affect. Increase your dose upward by no more than 10mg per day to find the ideal dose for your condition, without risking over medicating. Product can alternatively be added to food following the same dosage guide for a longer and less intense effect. Do not cook product as high temperature will reduce potency.

117 reviews for Golden Honey Oil (Oro)

  1. Hurthle (verified owner)

    When i run out of co2 oil this is my go to for vaping. It’s very easy to fill a cart with these syringes. The high is really nice and long lasting. The oil has a nice peppery taste and is the smoothest hitting oil on the menu besides Daily co2 oil.

  2. EJB (verified owner)

    This is definitely one of my fave products that budmail carries. Very nice addition to your paper when you roll a joint. High is 10/10 and the dispenser is easy to use.

  3. A frequent flyer with marijuana’s 😉 (verified owner)

    Holy smokes. It’d had been forever since I’ve had a good oil. THIS STUFF IS THE BEE’S KNEE’S!

    usually by the time I’m done rolling I have oil everywhere and about ten rolling papers stuck to me. Super easy to use, comes out the syringe ZERO headaches and the after affects!?
    Lord have mercy I hadn’t been high like that in a hot minute.

    hahahaha I rolled the smallest doobie, and a strip of this delightful stuff right down the middle! I made it to the moon and back safely, but I’d hands down, recommend this to anybody trying to leave this planet for a couple hours 😉✌🏽

  4. NoplacelikeOM (verified owner)

    Superior to anything I’ve found online to date, I was about to give up. Old fashioned girl who still loves a good, rolled oily, and this is perfect. My new go-to

  5. GottaSmokeEmAll (verified owner)

    This stuff is amazing. I try to have a bit on every bowl and it just amplifies whatever you’re smoking. Will always order these every purchase. Top quality and super strong! 5/5

  6. Magik (verified owner)

    Surprisingly good. I usually avoid buying oil syringes and stuff like that because of how much of a sticky mess it is. The oil is always too solid to ever come out and warming it up with hairdryers just is too much work. This oil would flow very well, even that i put way too much in my joint thinking it would be hard. I got reallyyyy high. Would buy again.

  7. Tartar (verified owner)

    Very nice, golden, not so viscous. Nice fresh taste as well, very aromatic like honey. Order came in a few days, applicator easy to use, definitely an order again

  8. trysite (verified owner)

    Oro Golden Honey Oil stands in a category of its own! In my opinion, the best quality oil BM has to offer (compared to Kootenay Labs & DSD). Although consistency isn’t always consistent, the smoothness, texture & effects will NEVER fail you!
    Reason for 4 stars: price point
    When on sale and wanting something superior, this should be your go-to product.

  9. PEI Guy (verified owner)

    Great concentrate for refilling vape cartridges. Very smooth vape and light flavour. Make sure to warm up cartridge and syringe with oil so they can be filled easily.

  10. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    I tried to use this in a regular e-cig.
    It requires heating and mixing VG/PG e-juice with oil from the tube.
    I used an old high-voltage glass jar. Measuring the amount of e-juice my cig would hold. Then dripping in oil and heating/mixing… and repeating the process until the oil was dissolved into the juice.
    It works quite well! Nothing like a dab. But with a little effort this honey oil can be vaped in a cotton e-cig @ 1.2 ohms.

  11. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    Another 5 Stars, from a frequent customer.
    Something new. So this review is worth posting?

    I love to smear this on THC gummies!
    Or drip some onto toast, or into pasta, or whatever!
    I’ve never tried to use it in an “e-cig” … It’s much thicker than 100% VG.
    It does work nicely in pocket dabbers, designed for oil.
    (It might drip everywhere if left inside, depending on the design)

    0.1ml is always ~80 THC! I spend the extra, for the quality and consistency of this.
    Thanks ORO and BM. The BEST HONEY OIL around!

  12. Zentoad (verified owner)

    Back in the day..
    I used to get oil in grams and fivers. Rolling up an oily required some skills, but the result was worth the effort. That said, this oil is premium compared to what I used to get 30 years ago. The syringe is a dream to work with, and the buzz is great.
    Excellent product, does not disappoint.

  13. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    This is my favorite product on Budmail.
    I am slightly disappointed when I have to get Darkside.
    The quality and consistency of this oil is just great.
    It burns clean dabbing, and is 84% THC. A little goes a long way.
    0.5 to 1 ml a dab keeps on giving after 4 hours. That’s strong smoke.
    It doesn’t get much purer than this. Especially not at this great price!

  14. Catfishwill (verified owner)

    I would not vape this,but do it old school from a pin on the end of your buddies mediocre joint…goes a Loooong way.Great value for your money,very fragrant and a very nice buzz.

  15. jonnyb (verified owner)

    Quality is there. Perfect for rolling up spliffs. Tasty , potent and easy to work with. Little expensive but the quality is def there. First order in a long time and I sure missed ya guys. Thanks for the superb service over the years!

  16. Chickie (verified owner)

    When I first saw the Honey Oil I got nostalgic. Wow hadn’t seen honey oil in about 25 years. Get ready to blow your mind. Doesn’t disappoint. Smooth, and hits you before you know it. By far my favorite product here at Budmail

  17. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    10/10! Quality and consistency.
    Potent and tastey. It’s my go-to dab. And lil’ dab’ll do ya!
    It’s too bad there isn’t a bulk deal anymore… I quite enjoyed the savings.
    It really added up, when you bought 6 or 8… or more 😉
    Suppose I’ll have to savor it more now… and get some cheaper stuff too.

  18. Mark (verified owner)

    Great stuff. Took longer than I’d like to admit to master dripping this into a bowl though. Can’t help but wonder if I’m getting the best use out of it for it’s price but if I use it sparingly I get blasted. Thick stuff

  19. Husty (verified owner)

    Awesome Golden honey oil is the buzz i just wanted few puff out of a joint, spread it on a paper roll a joint n taste that smooth honey oily joint. I order more if the price is right.

  20. robygoulet (verified owner)

    As far as oil goes its top notch. From topping a bowl for smoking to putting a bb size on a sour patch kid, this packs a punch and has no bad aftertaste. Very good as a pizza appetizer. Would purchase again.

  21. Mark (verified owner)

    Looks good, not a lot of air bubbles. Easy to put in a bowl when you heat it up indirectly. Taste is good, it is smooth, and potent. Would recommend for experienced smokers only though

  22. SD (verified owner)

    Pretty tasty, way better than distillate. This oil is really thick so it takes a while for me to vape it so its definitely better used in a joint/bong.

  23. SaltyDalty (verified owner)

    Honey Oil has an excellent reputation for producing products of the highest quality, and it is a brand that can be trusted. The flavor is mild and easy to consume.

  24. SaltyDalty (verified owner)

    Excellent golden honey oil, in a re-capable easy dosage syringe, drip a little on a bowl. Pretty tasty and great quality for the price. Would recommend

  25. SaltyDalty (verified owner)

    Excellent golden honey oil, in a re-capable easy dosage syringe, drip a little on a bowl. Very good stuff for price exellent taste when smoking works great for joints are loaded into pipe with hash.

  26. SaltyDalty (verified owner)

    Excellent golden honey oil, in a re-capable easy dosage syringe, drip a little on a bowl (slow melty drip have patience) or drape some golden goodness around your dab stìck and go to town, either way delicious and heavy stone, definently worth 5 stars.

  27. 5000 (verified owner)

    Great quality product! I enjoyed a nice drop on top of a pipe bowl of good quality AAAA flower. The buzz came on hard and fast and held on for almost 2 hours, great product!

  28. NorthernONt-baby (verified owner)

    Love this stuff, for daytime anything ! It really hits fast and makes you really happy I would recommend to anyone that is looking for the best quality stuff

  29. MackerelSavage (verified owner)

    I’ve ordered this brand of oil a few times from various places and it always satisfies. Good potency for the price, flavour isn’t very strong but it’s pleasant in my opinion and the effects are nice and longer lasting than distillate. Works fantastic in my Ccell vape pen. Not sure I’ll venture to another brand of oil, this stuff has been really consistent and I’ve purchased it for almost 2 years now

  30. Jlab (verified owner)

    Love it, love to take huge ass dabs of it it just keeps smoking and smoking in my banger it’s amazing, the colour is nice the flavour is neutral but not as much as distillate so it’s a lot more nice

  31. Spurtofdeath (verified owner)

    Just finished 2 grams of oil in both dabs and refers…felt like a kid again! Very smooth taste and just the right viscosity. Must recommended as an occasional treat…

  32. FunkMaster (verified owner)

    I’m a huge fan of these and i will continue to order them everytime. You can’t beat the price. It’s easy to spread on a paper and the taste is awesome.

  33. crazyperson1177 (verified owner)

    Just got mine today and match head blasts hit very nice stuff is strong not used to oil it ben 25 years since had it i say start small hits this stuff hits hard if not used to it i think i found a new favorite

  34. Kushedtothedge (verified owner)

    Quality product. This stuff hits you hard, lasts long and it’s smooth in the vape or rig. Really good price. Taste is superior in the pen. I will definitely order again

  35. genericid (verified owner)

    Excellent oil!
    I tried the recommended rice sized bead. Found it thick with a fleeting taste of pine. Very nice stone lasted about 3 hours. I then tried it in my pipe. Clean burning and the high was amazing. My only regret is not getting more of this at the sale price. Keep this product stocked.

  36. JNo (verified owner)

    This is has always been my favourite go to product. It never fails to disappoint me on any given day. The smooth pine taste always stands out from other products.

  37. Shelby (verified owner)

    I really liked this product it was very potent and i dont get honey oil very often so was a nice treat. It was very easy to apply and most liely will buy more

  38. EDedNeddie (verified owner)

    Great honey oil, works awesome to refill a cart or just top a bowl for an extra kick. Will be getting this again when it’s on sale as the price is too good

  39. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    Simply the best honey oil around!
    Great price, potency and taste!
    I think it’s worth the extra few dollars compared to Darkside.
    I’ve been waiting for a re-stock so that I can buy more in bulk!
    This is my favorite! Save some for me!

  40. Thrasher (verified owner)

    Great stuff fast ship

  41. JNo (verified owner)

    This is my favourite product to order!! Vaping it is my preferred way to get the most out of it although I do from time to time use it on a rolling paper to smoke. Overall I find its easy on the lungs and body but has a heavy head high.

  42. Ben (verified owner)

    Great stuff, really enjoy the full spectrum high, much more uplifting and enjoyable than the distillate carts on the market. Tastes very natural and clean

  43. moonprison (verified owner)

    Tastes absolutely disgusting on its own, however when mixed with actual honey and put into tea with lemon, it is impossible to detect. Wonderful high!

  44. Hurthle (verified owner)

    This is a awesome product. Oro is the king of honey oil. Not harsh at all, very smooth and tastes great. To me it is worth the extra money. Very easy to wrok with weather you vape or smoke it.

  45. Rockman (verified owner)

    Great price, great product! Tastes awesome and blows my face off. It can be kind of thick to vape though so make sure you have the right tools for the job. Other than that it burns slow and lasts longer than distillates. This is my go-to brand

  46. Robirdz (verified owner)

    Best bang for your buck! Excellent smooth and clear this Oro gold packs a punch and works well as a more affordable refill to full out cartridges. A++

  47. Lulu (verified owner)

    You gotta try the Golden Honey Oil! It’s a fantastic product, at a great price. A must buy for a good buzz! Took us back to the 80’s. Smooth taste, relaxing mood!

  48. Ed (verified owner)

    Stuff is great. Super strong, great value. I vape this product and couldn’t be happier. Super strong. Heat it up with a hair dryer, so it pours better.

  49. GTinashlu (verified owner)

    You gotta try out this Golden Honey Oil. Alone with the whole syringe is quite much a BIG HIGH. Gets you to cough big time also. Well recommended product.

  50. Macten10 (verified owner)

    This stuff is fire. I have a high tolerance so smoking weak bud and oils do nothing for me. Oro honey is the best bang for buck oil I have been able to find. Smooth, clean, good taste and solid consistent batches. Grab this shit you will not be disappointed. I’m using a Ccell cart for this and its a must imo.

  51. Mr. Bud (verified owner)

    Very smooth and easy to work with. Nice relaxing buzz and it hits the spot. Personally I have purchased multiple different oils and although this oil is good I found it to be a little on the expensive side.

  52. El Choppo (verified owner)

    This is some of the best honey oil i’ve tried. The sticker with it is great for indicating the contents of the syringe (THC % and CBD %). This stuff is definitely strong so use cautiously, sometimes it only takes 1-2 pulls to get high. Great stuff 5 stars.

  53. Chuck Brown (verified owner)

    Excellent product! You can taste the terps! Burns clean in my rig. No dark leftovers.
    Strong stuff, I have to be careful not to use too much! Or else I end up, groggy/falling asleep during the day!
    This is the only Honey Oil I order! I hope the price stays reduced! it’s gone down by $5! With the 4X discount these are a fantastic deal! I can’t wait to order more! 4 for only $36 each!
    One thing I recommend that your oil is room temperature, fairly warm. That way it comes out of the syringe without spurting everywhere! Careful with that plunger! Slow and steady!

  54. Modern_smoker.710 (verified owner)

    I cant get enoigh of this stuff. It taste really good, it gets me nice and medicated, its versatile (you can eat it or smoke it), and the price point is very resonable for the quality of the product. I definitely recomend

  55. chronodoom (verified owner)

    I’ve ordered the ORO honey oil many times, and will continue to do so. It has no drawbacks at all, but you might not want to share it with someone their first time smoking.

    If you’re not new to cannabis, then I highly recommend this.

  56. Sicada (verified owner)

    Great product for the price. Clean and quick to use , the colour is what I would expect from a quality honey oil , I enjoyed the multifaceted high |:)

  57. Stableboy420 (verified owner)

    Always a great quality oil. So easy to put on a paper, or into your vape pen. Delicious and fairly potent & I love the discount if ya buy 4 at a time.

  58. Citizen X (verified owner)

    I’ve vaped a tad over 3g of this stuff. Used in CCell carts only. With a 3.2v and a variable voltage battery. Taste is cinnamon, homeyish with a bit of pine on the exhale. Wish it came in a luer lock syringe. I trnsferred it to a luer lock and then used a filling tip needle to refill carts. Will buy again.

  59. Sandilicious (verified owner)

    Very clean, tasty oil. I’ve vaped about a half gram and the potency is good. A little thicker and less harsh than the Dark Side Dabs honey oil by comparison. Nice stuff, will order again.

  60. NOTORIOUS (verified owner)

    Thanks again, BM for another quality product 🙂 This oil is fairly thick, which makes it easy to apply on joints, vaping will need a little heat applied. Long lasting relaxing effect, helped alleviate my knee pain 🙂


  61. 4our2wenty (verified owner)

    This is very good the price, great bang for your buck. It tastes less like the afghan hash taste the cherry oil has, which I dont mind.It’s noticeably better for the extra few dollars. One of the more potent ones i’ve seen for price range.

  62. HolyHandGrenade (verified owner)

    Great potency, equal or better than pricier distillates, with a much more natural flavour profile to boot. Requires a setup that can handle very thick oil.

  63. Deaner912 (verified owner)

    Was very impressed by the quality of the honey oil. Been years since i last smoked it. Amazing smell and very easy to work with rolling joints. Nice heavy head high little bit rough on the throat but well worth it.

  64. Baketree (verified owner)

    I was really impressed with the look and texture of the oil. Identical to pic, nice translucent amber colour and fairly thick. I wish it tasted better. It looks like the old Thai Queen but taste is so poor in comparison. Dabbed poorly but I enjoyed slicking a paper. Rolled a pinner with 0.175ml oil and 0.4g of a Green Crack/El Muerte medley. Absolutely wonderfully medicated by the combo. Overall, I like it but compared to some of the honey oils of yesteryear, I find it lackluster. Bring back some OOP!

  65. pointlessd (verified owner)

    This is my go-to for honey oil. Great flavour, nice and thick. If Oro offered oil from another strain, I’d buy that too. One tube almost fills two .5ml ccell carts perfectly.

  66. NewfoundlandMan (verified owner)

    Hi people! I have just joined & placed my first order at BM & have been well taken care of by Customer Support…I feel at home here already! LOL! The members “reviews” have really helped in choosing different “products” & I shall return to give my 25 cents worth when I open up my presents! 🙂 Cheers!
    P.S. this oil looks yummy! 🙂

  67. MK (verified owner)

    Very tasty flavour and aroma. Packs quite the punch early in the morning.
    This is the first concentrate I’ve bought from this site and I see this becoming my go to

  68. Hutch (verified owner)

    Great concentrate to go with. Whether your using a vape pen, dab rig or adding it to a joint, you will definitely get good bang for your buck. Highly recommend!

  69. Mitch (verified owner)

    Well, I purchased this stuff because I am quitting smoking/vaping and moving to edibles for my lungs sake. Long story short, I was very excited to see this arrive in the mail as I was getting sick of eating brownies that I had previously made.

    First day was great, I took a dose the size of a grain of rice, and sure enough, a decent, manageable affect.

    Second day however, was not my brightest day. I was re painting my kitchen, and decided that maybe a grain of rice size will make this tedious task a little more fun. So I took my typical dose as per the recommendations, about the size of a grain of rice, orally.

    About 1.5 hours have passed at this point, and I decide this is weird, maybe I built a tolerance. So I went ahead and took a second dose. Well it was not even 5 minutes after I took the second one when I became extremely affected by the first dose. I immediately told myself to buckle up because when that second one hits, I’m in for a damn ride.

    Fast forward 45 minutes. I’m laying in bed with my wife, scrolling through movies to pick one. At this point I’m pretty well done from the first one (large rice size), and I guess (I dont recall) I froze mid movie picking, eyes wide open, with a blank stare on my face for ten minutes. It wasnt until my wife nudged me and said what are you doing? When I realized the second dose kicked in.

    Well let’s just say the night continued with random 10 minute time warps, dizziness, anxiety, fear, happiness, laughing hysterically, and eventually a deep coma which doctors probably couldn’t wake me from.

    This product is amazing, I’ll be sure to never do that again, and listen to the recommendations.


    took a dose of this stuff, felt nothing for 1.5 hours, decided to re dose, immediately regretted it.

    Awesome potent product, will buy again.

  70. GeeGee (verified owner)

    Awesome stuff you cant go wrong with this the quality and the potency is up there gets 5 stars because all those things and only being $40 how could you go wrong filled 2 pens with it so far so good !

  71. pointlessd (verified owner)

    This stuff is pretty good. Nice flavour, very peppery. Bought one to fill ccell cartridges. Fairly easy to fill with this syringe, flows nicely with just a little warming. Will be buying again.

  72. Mykhthrone (verified owner)

    I don’t know, maybe I got a bad batch. Everyone here seems to love this stuff and I just didn’t think it was that great. I had tried the Cherry oil already and thought it was amazing. Then I thought “wow, imagine how strong this stuff must be!” but I think the Cherry oil is better. I’ve tried smoking it in a joint, or mixing it into a hot beverage and this stuff didn’t get me as high as the Cherry oil. And it costs $10 more. I probably won’t buy this again.

  73. Simus (verified owner)

    Is my first time and i can tell that oro honey oil is wowwwww. The taste is good and not to strong. For me i just use the size of rice grain inside my vapo and get 2 hits and the buzz effect start like 30 second later. Is a very strong and for those that are not heavy smoker like me you need to go easy because you can get lock on your couch. I reconnand highly This product

  74. mike (verified owner)

    found this oil good , nice taste . I used it in a vape pen and it worked well but wouldn’t put a lot in the pen at a time because it seems to taste burnt and changes color after a few days of puffing

  75. Northview (verified owner)

    Tried 1 with last order was happy really good oil not a killer on lungs like darksides oil i would order this oil over them anyday now that i tried this oil for $5 more worth it forsure I will order again .

  76. wassamhere (verified owner)

    Definitely the best tasting and most potent oil on this site currently. I had to dock a star for the price, but if you want to treat yourself, look no further!

  77. zharov (verified owner)

    This is some nice thick honey oil. The description of the oil is spot on. It is very potent and the CBD is definitely noticeable. When you dab this it hits you right away, and is the most efficient way of taking this product imo. It has a very floral and sweet smell with a definite peppery/spicy aftertaste. The taste of dabbing it doesn’t even compare to the taste of eating it, though it is a little more wasteful

  78. JLo (verified owner)

    I’ve smoked a lot of this Oro oil. I find I like it over most shatter. There is something to be said for sun grown resin. It always has this extra umph to the high for me. This stuff is so clean I usually use it on my enail. Definitely has a full mind and body effect. Also nice to have some oil that’s already converted and ready to eat.

  79. RsJ88 (verified owner)

    Hands down one of the best oil i have ever smoked. The taste is perfect and it helps alot with sleep. I smoke one gram of this oil devided into 3-4 joints and somethings with a little keif.

  80. YungKratom (verified owner)

    This stuff friggin rocks my socks! it cleaned my clock! it groped my gilberts! Good grief, taking some of this in the morning gets you right barbequed for the whole afternoon and evening! Ill throw a gram in every order from now on. thanks fam

  81. Cerebral Jones (verified owner)

    My first time trying out honey oil. It was a bit more expensive than the other selections on this site so i figured this is the more quality product and that is why i chose it. Turned out to be a good choice even though I don’t know how it compares to the others. this stuff got me nice and baked after a hoot or two and lasted me about a week about 3 or 4 hits a day maybe more.

  82. Mac (verified owner)

    Excellent product! Taste great, very potent. Personally I prefer edibles but I vape before bed to replace prescription medication and this stuff works great for my needs. Thanks BM

  83. zharov (verified owner)

    Excellent quality honey oil. One of the best around imo. Very potent like some good clear distillate, with tasty naturally infused terpenes. If the syringe came completely full up to the 1 ml line, I would give this 5 stars without a second thought.

  84. based (verified owner)

    Bought this to refill an empty flyte cartidge. First thing I noticed was that the consistency was way too thick. I ran the syringe under very hot (but not boiling) water for 2mins and then was finally able to get it into the cartridge without too much trouble. After that it was smooth sailing….smooth hits and nice taste. I have a pen with adjustable voltage and I hit it at 3.7 – might not be able to use this in fixed voltage pens due to thickness. Overall not bad

  85. Biohacker (verified owner)

    I don’t think it’s possible to get better co2 honey oil for the price! I swear I can taste the sun and the Gulf Islands! AMAZING! 10/10 I’ll be stocking up on these!

  86. Theredrooster (verified owner)

    Cette huile est un péché mignon et avec ses 84% ça torche. Très limpide, épaisse et goûteuse, excellent produit je l’adore et j’en achèterai encore c’est certain.

  87. Dharmaqueen (verified owner)

    This is a perfect oil, it’s very smooth on the inhale, strong properties, I’m sticking with this for my chronic pain! I’m amazed at how well and how quickly it relaxes my muscles.

  88. Goonies (verified owner)

    Tout simplememt délicieuse ! Autant sa couleur que sa texture, elle est remarquable ! Ces effets, sa puissance en font une de mes préférées dorénavant ! Excellent service Budmail ! Rapide et efficace avec de bons produits diversifiés !

  89. CptHwdy (verified owner)

    As far as honey oil goes, top notch. I will keep buying. I use the oro honey as a bowl topper to really intensify the effects of the bud I’m smoking . A point of this onto a double “A” bowl makes it a quad no questions. Super clean and no snap crackle pop.

  90. Ben (verified owner)

    Perfect for refilling vape tanks. Great stuff for the price. I use it to refill my empty toko atomizer, and it works like a charm. Also good for dabbing or magneto!

  91. Mackey89 (verified owner)

    Amazing product and quick shipping. Highly recommended for anyone who has to deal with chronic pain daily. Very well packaged and i couldn’t ask for a better product for the price.

  92. King (verified owner)

    This honey oil is really good, nice strong flavour,I put it under my tongue, and dabbed it, good a long way off you squeeze out a dab on a dabber and hit it on the rig, nice strong high from it

  93. Mystical Mind (verified owner)

    This is a great product for good price its very potent with truly perfectly balance high of both worlds. Its has strong flavor to as well. I my self normaly use this product oraly one two litte drops and your getting stoned af. Excellent for when your on the go very good

  94. Tommy-gun (verified owner)

    Love this stuff, great to vape or dab. And at 36 a gram when you buy 4 or more you can’t go wrong. I refill my sky cartos . 5 gram and it last me 2 days. When I smoked but I would go through a 1/8 a day I don’t think I will ever buy weed again

  95. Nigz (verified owner)

    It’s not bad but I guess I was expecting more as it boasted such high thc %. It is nice looking clean oil not flavorful like I read but if you wanna change it up from your regular concentrates it’s worth a try. ✌️🇨🇦 Ty BM

  96. DW99 (verified owner)

    Beyond outstanding. Nothing on the market provides this much value for such a high quality product. I vape it. I put it in an empty vape cartridge. You really have to heat it up to make sure it transfers well. You need a battery/pen with variable voltage. It does not work in a vape that does not go 3.8 and above, which the spark pens have and is the battery I use. I have used everything, from Zen to Tokyo to erba, to flyte. ORO is arguably better. Just outstanding

  97. bender2377 (verified owner)

    Super great stuff. Use in vape, perfect for thick oil carts. Flavor is nice , smooth. syringe makes it easy to use and dispense. Will buy again as long as its available. Customer Service A+, as usual.

  98. Jack (verified owner)

    Overall the oil is pretty nice. Gives a nice strong high as soon as it’s dabbed. Still prefer shatter over honey oil but definitely a nice change. Smell is very piney/earthy

  99. RalphNaderFan (verified owner)

    Excellent oil. Clean burning leaving very little residue and giving a strong rush and high which lasts a good three hours. The taste is excellent and it is a smooth toke. This oil will be my go to oil from now on instead of the Dark Side Dabs honey oil as it is a grade better. That being said I think that both oils are priced right and I would not hesitate to buy either. Great, cost effective product. Thanks BM!

  100. Crimson420 (verified owner)

    Wow this honey oil is amazing! Very sticky and thick. Did some buckets and worked well. I loved the potency, strong! Had a few lightweight friends try and they were wrecked off a very small amount!

  101. Sirach1331 (verified owner)

    Tasty extract. Tastes just like i made it. Burns smooth and after 10 dabs not a speck of ash left on the blades. Day/night strain. 3 grams for 36$ a gram~~~ Ya cant go wrong.

  102. sita9981 (verified owner)

    Very smooth taste and I love the potency! It took very little to help with my back pain due to arthritis and fibro, it puts you in a great mood and for sure stimulated my appetite.

  103. Pixxiestix (verified owner)

    Hard to find good honey oil anymore and was very happy when i purchased this. Good classic oil high. Smoked it in a mix and brought me back to my teenage years! Price is a little high for my liking that’s why 4 stars

  104. bender2377 (verified owner)

    Solid product. Great foe the price. I love making carts out of this stuff. Slightly lower THC levels then using shatter, so keeps tolerance in check. Great classic oil flavor. Not the first time, defiantly not the last.

  105. Barex13 (verified owner)

    Not the most flavourful extract, but if you’re buying this for flavour you’re making a mistake. The product is extremely easy to work with and dispense, well refined, and dabs well. The flavour isn’t bad, it just isn’t noticeably good – still worth it though.

  106. Hoopley (verified owner)

    Lovely oil. Easy to use wether you’re dabbing or smearing papers for joints. Great taste and solid buzz especially at this price point. Will buy again.

  107. Potislife (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed some of this oil!! It made me relax so good. I am a client with amputation, it helped me so good with my pain. I am looking forward to ordering more of this, in the near future!

  108. AC (verified owner)

    enjoyed some of this fine oil while camping and was not disappointed. quite cerebral but relaxing. shared with some friends and all were impressed. best to enjoy when your days work is done.

  109. A1 Kush (verified owner)

    First hit of this in a while from smoking weed, man was I ever high. This stuff is strong and doesn’t taste too bad. Without the label on it the syringe reads 0.8 filled.

  110. Natezey (verified owner)

    Could anything bring me closer to feeing like i was a high school kid again? The amazing taste and smell has brought all my friends back to their youth again. It’s amazing. A must buy and a must keep in the house!

  111. Joe (verified owner)

    Good potency, good taste. I wouldn’t buy it again though because i only received 0.8 grams of product in my 1.0 gram syringe, a measure they hide behind their brand sticker.

  112. Gen Brock (verified owner)

    Got some of the Oro for my wax vape kit as an appetite enhancer/fun to back up my 1:1 refills. Was extremely impressed. Thick, rich, tasty coils of vapour on a medium to high setting. A really addictive honey oil flavour that takes me back to the 80’s. Strong, lingering hybrid effect. Lots of cerebral fun, but also relaxing. Love it. Definitely will order this product again. Awesome buy for the bucks.

  113. MysticalMind (verified owner)

    Very good stuff for price exellent taste when smoking works great for joints are loaded into pipe with ash. I also use orally works amazing other taste is potent af other nice hybrid effect nice balanced

  114. light

    This is fantastic honey oil for the price. In a quartz banger at low temp this has the most amazing lemon flavour. The buzz made me a bit anxious at higher doses in the beginning but with a bit of CBD crystalline this is a real winner. The cbd is not necessary as this product stands well on it’s own. I will be grabbing this again. It is a thicker product making it perfect to dab. The buzz ends up very even and mellows out into a lazy come down.

  115. Anonymous

    The buzz is good but the taste isn’t great! I see some people saying they couldn’t vape it, this is not true. I vape it no problem with my itsuwa liberty tank (i believe they sell them on BM as well). The oil is viscous so it requires a tank with larger intake holes, the toko cartridges have smaller intake holes. Overall, it’s a good hybrid buzz that works well for daytime usage, and the price point is decent.

  116. Gfunkton

    Excellent golden honey oil, in a re-capable easy dosage syringe, drip a little on a bowl (slow melty drip have patience) or drape some golden goodness around your dab stìck and go to town, either way delicious and heavy stone, definently worth 5 stars.

  117. Anonymous

    If you plan on vaping this, steer clear. Says it can be vaped, but this is the most viscous oil that results in bad pulls, drains battery, and almost impossible to get in atomizer without sticking the syringe in hot water for 5 minutes. I have the Toko Gold for reference. The stuff didn’t taste great either. Would give higher review if it didn’t say it was for vaping. $40 lost.

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